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Mountain Lake Fire Company – Car Show

Categories, Judging & Awards

Car Show Categories:           

Antique Car, Truck: Cars or trucks  built before 1967, both foreign and domestic.

            Classic Car, Truck: Cars or trucks built from 1967 to 1991, both foreign and


            Muscle Cars/Hot Rods: American cars built from 1967 to 1991, adhering to the

            hot rodder’s philosophy of taking a small car and putting a large displacement engine in


            Import Car (Future Classics): All model year cars from foreign manufacturers, such as

            MG, Porsche, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda.

Custom Car, Truck: Any car or truck with three or more significant modifications to the

            body engine and/ or interior, including custom paint jobs, blowers, turbos, low-riders,

            custom interiors, custom bodies.

            Modern American Car, Truck  (Future Classics): 1992 to present model year cars or

            trucks sold by American manufacturers such as Dodge, Ford, and Chevrolet.

            Antique Motorcycle:  Motorcycles built before 1967, both foreign and domestic two

            or three wheels.

            Modern Motorcycle: Any two or three wheel bikes from  1967 - present foreign and


Race Car: Any automobile built or modified for professional racing designed to go very fast speeds on race tracks

Car Show Awards:                 Each Class will receive a 1st and 2nd  Place Award

            Best in Show                                                    Best in Show Jeep

            Best  Antique Car                                                        Best  Antique Jeep  

            Best Classic Car                                              Best Classic Jeep

            Best Antique Truck                                          Best Modern Jeep                  

            Best  Classic Truck                                          Best Custom Jeep

            Best Modern Truck

            Best Modern American Car

            Best Muscle Car / Hot Rod

            Best Race Car

            Best Import Car

            Best Custom Car

            Best Custom Truck  (4x4)

            Best Modern Motorcycle

            Best Antique Motorcycle

            Best Appearing Fire Apparatus 1966 and  older

            Best Appearing Rescue 1966 and older

            Furthest Traveled       1st Place only

Each Awardee is given either cash or trophy or both depending on number of     registrations.   First 100  pre-registration entries will receive a participation plaque

Scores:                                    Scores are tabulated based on the following criteria:

                                    Possible total of 20 points per category

                        1.Exterior: Paint, lamps, bright work, trim, and detailing

                        2. Drive train: Wheels, tires, overall appearance of undercarriage

                        3. Interior: Stereo equipment, dash layout, coverings specialty items

                        4. Engine: Inner fenders, fire wall, wiring, engine components

                        5. Customization or Restoration: Originality, workmanship, effectiveness, and

                             appeal of customization, workmanship, authenticity, and appeal of         


BONUS: Safety, hazard and emergency supplies (max 5 pts.)


            Grand Total points ( 105 points  max)